85 pushups

I am thankful for this day. I hope to look like Bane or Draxus the destroyer by the time I finish my pushup regime.

it was hot as ball today, and I spent most of it doing work. but it is nice to be able to spend some time with my mom. We bought diner and groceries and talked about 9/11

the band work we’re doing is harder than symphonic winds… this is weird to me





Tumblr: spreading the world apart, one group at a time.

THIS is the shit that bothers me with tumblr

when social correctness literally loops back around to bite its own ass

The china one is sort of golden though. At least their response to the idiocy.

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Blossom was all about the do-good, American Heroes.

Buttercup loved the edgy heroes with dark pasts and complex morals.

Bubbles knew Japanese well enough to read and understand comic books from Japan intended for her age group. That’s actually very impressive, but then again, this is the girl who can speak squirrel.

I think you mean “Bubbles was a fucking weeb”

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"Community has pulled off one the most patient easter egg: in one episode of each of the first three seasons, the word "Beetlejuice" was used off-handedly in a joke. If you’ve seen the movie Beetlejuice, the titular mischievous ghost would appear in the world of the living if anyone said his name three times. So, sure enough, on the third mention by a Community character, this guy appears in the background for exactly two seconds. They patiently waited three years to reach that punchline."

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Crying because this actually happened, and I am so happy.

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Whales? Check. Dolphins? Check. Seals, sea lions and otters? Triple check! Monterey Bay is still teeming with marine mammals. On Friday, staff and guests spotted eight different species from our wildlife viewing station—in 30 minutes!

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(Top photo: Dan Albro, Bottom photos: Jim Capwell/Divecentral.com)

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get to know me meme: [10/10] celebrities

 anna kendrick

""Honestly, she brought this on herself" - My gravestone, probably." (x)

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